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Montana nonprofit design and illustration

"Nikki is great to work with! She is flexible and helpful, and has an excellent design sense. After creating a specialty license plate for our organization, she has been working with us to produce more contemporary and style conscious publications. Highly recommend!"

Mel Griffin, Montana Environmental Information Center

Custom Wedding Invitation Illustration

"Working with Humble Twig on our wedding invitations was a wonderful experience! Nikki was very approachable, enthusiastic, easy to talk to and easy to work with. Nikki was very responsive to our feedback and was happy to accommodate our ideas to mesh with her artistic interpretations. Nikki has a unique and amazing artistic sense and a great attention for detail that goes right past most people. She was available and extremely supportive all the way from the planning stage of our project through printing and cutting! I would highly recommend Humble Twig for any digital art you may need.

We approached Nikki with a basic concept of what we wanted and provide her a few photographs of a nature scene that we wanted as the background. She took our photos and concepts and ran with them, creating a beautiful and unique artistic interpretation of the photos. Nikki provided us with a few different options of what she thought would be good fonts and text layout; her suggestions were spot on and fit well with what we wanted. When we were done with the design she helped us pick out and order paper, find a local print shop, and place a print order. She was extremely helpful during printing, she personally went to the print shop to make sure the color balances and sharpness were spot, communicating with us all the while. It was a very positive and wonderful experience overall! "

Zach Anderson, Anderson Wedding Invitations