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Visit Helena Montana

Helena, Montana, Fire Tower Illustration

Visit Helena Montana

Helena, Montana, is a hidden getaway in southwest Montana. Our local visitor center, Visit Helena Montana, does a wonderful job of highlighting all of the extraordinary history and sites the greater Helena area holds. To round out their collateral media they provide for the public, we created a set of stickers to be used as promotional items and thoughtful takeaways.

Western Meadowlark and the Guardian of the Gulch, Helena's fire tower.

Finding the Right Helena Icons

Helena has many beloved icons. However, identifying figures that would appeal to both visitors and locals alike became a priority. Two icons that are equally approachable, beloved, and offer a balanced overview of Helena are the Fire Tower, and The Gates of the Mountains. The old wooden fire tower, known locally as "The Guardian of the Gulch," still stands today watching over the town. It's probably one of our local icons that most captures the Helena spirit, and is visible from many different areas in Helena. The second sticker features the Gates of the Mountains (as named by Lewis and Clark), with the Montana state bird, the Western Meadowlark. The illustration is placed on a Ponderosa Pine "cookie" slab, a tree species that grows in great prominence in the Helena area.

Sticker Bundle

Don't Underestimate a Simple Sticker

This project came from a place of personal love for collecting stickers. Stickers are small, but are also great vehicles to communicate a place or experience. When someone comes to bike Helena's renowned trail system, or takes a trip up to The Gates of The Mountains Wilderness, they can take a part of that adventure home with them. As a Helena local, I love being able to share a rich facet of my community with friends outside of it. I still struggle to find the right words when I'm telling someone new about Helena, Montana. However, I know the emotion and narrative I'm trying to capture—these stickers say it all. 


Small Buttons Round Out the Media Family

Small pins and buttons are making a comeback in a big way. To make sure that no opportune stone is left unturned, Visit Helena Montana wanted to adapt existing artwork to a small promotional pin. Using the Meadowlark as the messenger, the final product is eye-catching and memorable.