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Survey Notes


Survey Notes

A Utah Geological Survey triannual magazine. 


Survey Notes is an informative, non-technical magazine on noteworthy and interesting geologic topics in Utah.

As Senior Designer at the Utah Geological Survey, I was the visual architect of Survey Notes. Authors and technical editors provided all copy and corresponding images. I then took the approved material and began text flow, layout, and design on this 16–20 page magazine. Survey Notes is comprised of regular features and rotating article subjects based on the different areas of the geologic professional field. While maintaining the magazine's established identity and recurring themes, I pioneered each issue as a progressive benchmark in scientific publication design standards. The content is exciting and ground-breaking, and design that can encompass those characteristics might be incentive for readers—new or old—to lend more value to the journal as a whole.   

Print is not dead.

Even in a digital era, Survey Notes is printed and mailed free of charge to subscription holders. Survey Notes is the continuation of a long tradition—it's a casual and consistent scientific read that people can revisit and enjoy. The printed mailer romantically draws on the subscriber's eagerness to see the next issue's content, pictures, and illustrations. To simply release the publication online would be a disrespect to the many individuals and organizations that help the Utah Geological Survey's progress and development.