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Hi-Line Piper Journal

Hi-Line Piper Journal


These Green Hills are the Hi-Line Hills of My Home. Andy Stewart's Scottish song The Scottish Soldier talks about the death of a Scottish soldier in a foreign land, and how his piper will play on a Scottish hillside to 'play his soldier home.' This spirit is made for the Glasgow, Montana Scotties---the Hi-Line namesake of Scotland's city. The small town on the Hi-Line is incredibly tough, and an even more proud community. My Scottish grandfather hailed form the Glasgow area, and when he passed, we played that Scottish song in his name. So this spirit is for a Glaswegian town, and for the stalwart individuals that came before us.Keep your wild ideas, sketches, and notes close with this hand printed journal.

Moleskine journal. 8.25" X 5". Stamped and signed edition.

Personal Design Arsenal: I have AT LEAST 5 of these journals in use at all times. I use them for my concept sketches, client meeting notes, ideas, thoughts, ledgers, and more. I love having different designs to help keep the journals easily organized too! —Humble Twig, aka Nikki Simon

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