Humble Twig

Graphic Design Services in Helena, Montana

Humble Twig is a Graphic Design and Screen Print studio by designer, Nikki Simon, in Helena, Montana. Humble Twig offers a wide spectrum of design services including Publication Design, Illustration, Branding and Logos, Packaging, Posters, Marketing and Advertising, Social Media, Creative Consultation, Screen Printing, and more. Humble Twig can design and screen print event posters, custom invitations, greeting cards, and t-shirts. 

+ Branding / Identity

Your brand is so much more than a hip logo.

A brand is like an invisible umbrella that encompasses the idea, beliefs, drive, and purpose of your business. Together with Humble Twig, we can develop and communicate those attributes to your audience through visual tools and marketing strategies. Whether you're new and looking to define the identity of your new startup, or an established business looking to breathe life into a recognizable, accepted image—Humble Twig can help.


+ Custom Illustration

Sometimes you're looking for more than a logo or simple publication. An illustration can tell a complex story and set the tone for the background of a website, a gig poster, invitation, book, etc. Humble Twig has created intricate scenes for wedding invitations, license plates, and more.

Poster / Sticker / Button / T-Shirt / Album Art / Top Sheet

+ Print / Publication

In a digital world, print is a changing tool that you can use to your advantage. Maybe print is an essential aspect of your business. Use a simple business card for self-promotion, create a professional annual report, or put a label on your product that makes everyone say, "G-DANG that looks sweet!" Humble Twig can help you produce printed media that's most appropriate for your business need, offering services to create business cards, publications, packaging, brochures, menus, posters, invites, books, and more.

Annual Report / Magazine / Conference & Event Materials / Flyers & Mailers

+ Social Media / Marketing

For the first time, digital ad spending has surpassed traditional tv advertising. As our phones get smarter and internet accessability grows, the greater audience is found on Social Media. Humble Twig can help you or your business with these growing pains to communicate with your customers faster while reaching a wider range of people. Together, we can create a simple social media marketing plan, digital advertising campaign, or talk about how you can increase your online exposure.

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

+ Web

Your website can be a visitor's first impression of you or your business. It's important that online impression is engaging, approachable, and reflective of your brand. Creating a website takes time—time that you may not have. Using Squarespace or WordPress, Humble Twig will help you organize, design, and grow your online presence. Using these user-friendly web platforms gives you the opportunity and freedom to update your own website. If you'd like to work out a retainer agreement for regular updates, maintenance, or other services, we can work something out.

Squarespace / WordPress

+ Ink

Humble Twig roots itself in ink—if you've got a special project that you'd like to see screen printed, let's talk! It's the little things that are memorable, and sometimes a spot-printed detail, or a screen printed gig poster is just the cherry you're looking for on your awesome-sauce design project. Screen Printing services are limited due to the small operations of Humble Twig. If this is a service you might be interested in, let's have a conversation if Humble Twig's printing is a good fit for your needs.

Poster / Invitation / Greeting Card / Custom Apparel



"Nikki is great to work with! She is flexible and helpful, and has an excellent design sense. After creating a specialty license plate for our organization, she has been working with us to produce more contemporary and style conscious publications. Highly recommend!"

Mel Griffin, Montana Environmental Information Center

"Working with Humble Twig on our wedding invitations was a wonderful experience! Nikki was very approachable, enthusiastic, easy to talk to and easy to work with. Nikki was very responsive to our feedback and was happy to accommodate our ideas to mesh with her artistic interpretations. Nikki has a unique and amazing artistic sense and a great attention for detail that goes right past most people. She was available and extremely supportive all the way from the planning stage of our project through printing and cutting! I would highly recommend Humble Twig for any digital art you may need.

We approached Nikki with a basic concept of what we wanted and provide her a few photographs of a nature scene that we wanted as the background. She took our photos and concepts and ran with them, creating a beautiful and unique artistic interpretation of the photos. Nikki provided us with a few different options of what she thought would be good fonts and text layout; her suggestions were spot on and fit well with what we wanted. When we were done with the design she helped us pick out and order paper, find a local print shop, and place a print order. She was extremely helpful during printing, she personally went to the print shop to make sure the color balances and sharpness were spot, communicating with us all the while. It was a very positive and wonderful experience overall! "

Zach Anderson, Anderson Wedding Invitations