Humble Twig

About Humble Twig & Design Process

Humble Twig is owned and operated by Creative Director and Graphic Designer, Nikki Simon. Humble Twig is located in Helena, Montana, offering design services to the greater Northwest and the Big Sky State.

Humble Twig is a small business built for small businesses. Your story is your own, I'm just here to help you tell it.

+ The Brass Tacks

Humble Twig is a design and screen print studio located in Helena, Montana by Nikki Simon (that's me). I'm your go-to for print design, conference materials, simple websites you can self-manage, branding, illustrative needs, screen printed invites, social media and marketing aid, handmade gifts, and more. I'm always good for a long chat and a strong cup of coffee. Let's have a conversation about your creative needs, and if Humble Twig is a good fit to help you achieve those goals.

+ Humble Roots

With humble intentions, Humble Twig started in a one bedroom apartment. I originally founded the business as a means to sell my hand screen printed cards and posters. However as I continued to develop the brand, I recognized the greater contribution Humble Twig could offer. In attending Art & Design school, the education and skills that prepared me to be a trained design professional would also be the foundation on which Humble Twig would expand.

+ The Design Process

It all begins with a conversation. Thoughtful design is an investment in your own business and your customers. Graphic Design can help create better brand awareness to your audience, as well as create stronger unity within the workplace. Whether you need regular informational flyers, gig posters, or semi-annual reports, Humble Twig can help you create professional, engaging materials for your audience. Let's talk about your business objectives and needs. From there, I can help you determine the design ventures that are necessary for us to see those needs through.

+ Shop Talk

Humble Twig comes from a very humble making method. Each illustration is drawn out and translated digitally where it begins to take shape and form. After the appropriate colors have been chosen to achieve the final design through different runs and layers of ink, I print out basic stencils that are used to expose the screens. The tiny bathroom in my apartment is an ordinary bathroom by white light, and a bare bones darkroom by red light. I expose the screens there, give them a quick rinse in the tub, and let them dry while I prepare the printing area in my spare-bedroom-turned-studio.

Learning to skillfully hand print posters well has taken me a few years, with much to learn yet. While knowing how to properly screen print by hand plays a large role in the making of a beautiful poster, it's my belief that the screen prep work can have an even larger importance in what makes a great poster. Every step and detail in Humble Twig's poster printing process is done with care and a close eye ensuring the artisan craft you see in each poster. Each design carries not just the visual story it bares, but the soul and honest energy of the maker's process.

Designs are inspired by all kinds of things, including the heritage of Humble's Montana beginnings, and the new experiences of its fresh Utah roots. These whimsical scenes are printed on responsible, American-Made materials.

Located in a small studio space of Helena, Montana, each poster is hand-printed with an emphasis on craft and customer-care.