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Earthfire Institute Newsletter

Earthfire Institute Winter Newsletter

Publication and Newsletter Design, Graphic Design, Communications, Marketing, and Illustration by Nikki Simon in Montana. Non-profits

Earthfire Institute is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary and retreat center. They have cultivated an amazing animal community on their grounds, and encourage a greater empathy for those we share our Earth with. As their non-profit continues to grow, they need to maintain open communication on their work-to-date, and projects ahead of them. Together, we created a bi-annual newsletter in order to continue this communication. This newsletter doesn't just keep their members and contributors informed—it also helps establish Earthfire Institute as a capable non-profit undertaking serious endeavors. 

Earthfire Institute has already invested lots in their branding and graphic design, and as a result, have a very strong identity. Using their website as a style guide, this newsletter was designed to compliment their existing updated identity.