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Earle Ceramics

Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing, and Communications by Nikki Simon in Helena, Montana. Earle Ceramics, Nicholas Danielson

Earle Ceramics

Ceramic artist Nicholas Danielson is an intense and sincere maker. His work reflects his unabated process, a projection of his own bold stoicism. Each piece is signed "Earle," his middle name, and his great-grandfather's namesake. Branding an artist meant creating a simple image that embodied these traits while retaining enough openness to grow with the artist's ever progressing body of work.

The artistic works of Danielson are always evolving in new experiments. However one element always remains the same. Because his pots are less categorized as "a style," and better described as a reflection of the artist himself, the scrawled signature Earle begins to bare more significance than mere identification.

Like all of Danielson's work, this mark bares the soul of the steadfast maker, a namesake, Earle Ceramics.