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Dirtybird Skis

Dirtybird Skis


Dirtybird Skis is a small business that prides itself on the handmade craft of their skis. Engineered, shaped, and pressed by skiers themselves, they've got an expert eye on their product and first hand knowledge of its performance in the snow. I had the fortune of knowing these entrepreneurs, and decided to "go local" and support this group of great dudes when I bought a pair of skis. They offered me the opportunity to create the top sheet design for the skis—and I ran with it.


The Spirit of Dirtybird—The Mighty Pelican

Pelicans are sometimes noted for their use of water surface to propel their gliding, and often look as though they're surfing the waves. This ethos of "one with nature" is in the roots of Dirtybird Skis, thus the Pelican is the proud symbol of the company. I wanted to revere their mascot by featuring the Pelican prominently in the illustration. While a snowy mountain isn't the natural element for such a bird, Pelicans careen down the mountainside as if it were an innate pursuit. The color palate is contemporary with bright pastels that echo a mountain's alpenglow. Both ski tails are adorned tail feathers of their own to better guide me through the snowy surf. 

As a seasoned snow sports lady, I'm often drawn to wild, heady illustrations that match my passion for the wintry mountain outdoors. These Dirtybird skis are a compelling and passionate image the mountain culture can identify with, be inspired by, and truly own as they take the pelican's way down.